Profile of Annie Tse
Currently teaching Ikenobo Ikebana and also active in floral design field
Continuing further studies in Ikenobo Central Institute, Kyoto, Japan
February, 2014 Interview by Modern Home issue no.428 on Ikenobo Ikebana
January, 2014 TVB Weekly issue no.864 on CNY floral design
April, 2013 Guest of Modern Home issue no.418 on Ikenobo Ikebana - link
April, 2013 Interiew by Master of Cultural Studies issue no.34 on Ikenobo Ikebana - link
嶺南大學文化研究系 - 人物專訪
《日本花道之路 - 專訪華道池坊香港支部謝玉華支部長》
October, 2012 Appointed Chairperson of Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter - link
November, 2011 Interview by Phoenix TV on Ikenobo Ikebana - link
February, 2010 Demonstration on Ikenobo Ikebana for CCTV Gafencu Clique Chapter 14 - link
高峰派 - 第十四集
October, 2007 Wedding Message issue no.190 on 'pressed flower' interview
February, 2007 Ming Pao Weekly on Valentine's Special Interview
November, 2006 新婚生活易
《日式造花新花球大特集》- 專訪片段 - link
February, 2006 Venue & Floral Design for Wedding Message issue no.170 on 'Cover Story'
November, 2005 Wedding Message issue no.167 'First Class Wedding Special Edition' interview
December, 2001 Guest of TVB Channel 8 on Ikenobo Ikebana and western flower arrangement
April, 2001 Graduate of "Dutch Flower Design" at Florens College, Aalsmeer, Holland
January 8 - 12, 2000 Participation in the 2nd Flowers and Plants Exhibition (Zhangzhou Fujian) Across the Taiwan Straits
July 22-24, 1999 Instructor of wrapping seminar in Beijing
July 19, 1999 Participation in the "Flower Wedding Show" on Japan Day held in China 99 Kunming International Horticultural Exposition in Kunming, China
December 15, 1997 Demonstrator of wrapping seminar in Shanghai, China
July 31, 1997 Guest of CNBC, Cable TV, Channel 19, on Ikenobo Ikebana
1997 Professor I of Ikenobo Ikebana, Japan
1996 Appointed Leader of the Ikenobo Hong Kong Study Group
1996 Professor I of Manako Flower Academy, Japan
July, 1995 Instructor of the Third Yunnan Floral Arts Association training program in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Since 1994 Member of The Hong Kong Flower Club
Since 1993 Member of Ikebana International, Hong Kong Chapter
1993 Founder of Manako Flower Academy Hong Kong Koyasu Kyoushitsu, Japan
1993 Graduate of Ikenobo Ochanomizu Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Graduate of South Florida School of Floral Design, Florida, USA